Mini Course: iPhone Collage

iPhone collage mini course | year of creative habits

This course is for any level. If you've never made collages on your iPhone or iPad then this is for you!

*Throughout the course I say iPhone and I demonstrate with an iPhone because that's what I have but you can use an iPad if that's what you have.

The course is hosted right here on After purchase you will receive a link to a private, password protected page. Here's an outline of what you'll get:

1. introduction: I've been making collages on my phone for about five years. I share many of the collages that I've made along with the apps that I used to make them. In the intro, I share a few tips about the process that I learned the hard way.

2. images: I share where I get my images, along with a list of links to where you can get free, copyright free images online. I also provide you with an image pack of copyright free images that I use in the course demonstrations and you are welcome to use in your collages.

3. the basics using one, free app: I demonstrate (via video) digital collage basics using just one, free app. I also provide general, written directions and tips.

4. more apps is more fun: I demonstrate three of my favorite apps and how I use them together.  I've also linked up to at least a dozen more apps that I've used in my collages. I share my collages and list exactly what combination of apps I used to create each one.

5. post collage: I share some tips for printing and sharing digital collages. Also what else could you do with a digital collage? 

crystal moody | iphone collage mini course
crystal moody | iphone collage mini course

Access to this contour mini course will expire. You are welcome to save or print it for future use.

At purchase you will receive a pdf that includes the course link and password. Please save this pdf to your computer or phone. To begin, simply click the link and enter the password. I'd love for you to share your work and your thoughts from the course, just use #yearofcreativehabits on Instagram/Twitter and/or share in our year of creative habits Facebook group. Please do not share the lessons or the password. If you have trouble accessing the course content or you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me ( so that I can correct the situation or refund your money.