September Mini Course: Photographing Your Creative Habit

September's mini course is photographing your creative habit. This course is for beginning creatives. Show your work at it's best by photographing it well. In this mini course we'll use the camera on your smart phone to photograph your creative habit for Instagram, Facebook, and your website/blog.

The course is hosted right here on After purchase you will receive a link to a private, password protected page. Here's an outline of what you'll get:

photographing your creative habit

1. introduction: why photographing your work is almost as important as making it

2. camera (phone) basics: camera settings to use

3. lighting: examples of lighting and which to use

4. set up: how to set up and arrange the photograph

5. editing: using the tools within Instagram to edit the photo

6: tips and tricks: extra stuff that doesn't fit in any of the other sections :)

The course is only available for sale until October 1st. Access to this mini course will expire on October 31st. You are welcome to save or print it for future use.

At purchase you will receive a pdf that includes the course link and password. Please save this pdf to your computer or phone. To begin, simply click the link and enter the password. I'd love for you to share your work and your thoughts from the course, just use #yearofcreativehabits on Instagram/Twitter and/or share in our year of creative habits Facebook group. Please do not share the lessons or the password. If you have trouble accessing the course content or you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me ( so that I can correct the situation or refund your money.