day of making


Did you know that's there's an official Day of Making? Yep, in 2014 Barack Obama declared June 18 the National Day of Making... unfortunately I missed it. (And every Day of Making since!)  But really, we probably need more than one day a year for this, right?!

So join me for a Day of Making! The idea is simple. Make stuff, all (or most of the) day. That's it.

It's a change of pace. Usually I make one little thing each day. I pace myself for the whole year. This day is a sprint. On this Day of Making, make lots of things all day or maybe even one big, big thing all in a single day.

A year of creative habits' Day of Making will be Friday, September 22, the first day of Fall here in the northern hemisphere. What better way to begin a new season than to kickstart it with creativity? I'll be sharing all day and maybe even doing some Instagram live sessions so that we can create together. So join in!

day of making

a Day of Making


* Schedule a bigger chunk of creative time than usual. Make this day special, significant. Join us on September 22 or pick a day that better fits your schedule.

* Make many things or one really big thing. Change your pace, sprint. Don't overthink, just make.

* Share! Use the tags #yearofcreativehabits and #dayofmaking. Take photos, take video, or go "live" so we can see your Day of Making in real time.